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Sporeboys has happened so fast, that we really don’t remember where the idea came from, but
since August 2005 we’ve made thousands of mushroom sandwiches and provided tons of delicious
wild and cultivated mushrooms to the spore-hungry citizens of Hackney, east London.
All kinds of people love Sporeboys and our great range of mushrooms - supermarket-weary locals,
tourists, students, yummy mummies, slummy mummies and random fungi-fans. Think about this for a moment - if a group of hip, but not too hip, mycologists and mushroom pickers turned up at your local
market with baskets of tasty fresh picked chanterelles, cepes, trompettes and Japanese mushrooms, and offered to make you a mushroom sandwich garnished with pecorino cheese and parsley, you’d consider it wouldn’t you?

We’ve been so blown away with the warm welcome that we’ve received for traceable, locally sourced
mushrooms in London’s urban markets that Sporeboys has now expanded into other mushroom deprived areas of London, including Kings Road, Clerkenwell, Alexandra Palace, Richmond, and Marylebone, with more stalls springing up weekly. Come and see us, and bring as many or as few people as you can.

David Robinson and Andrew Gellatly

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Sporeboys Ltd. 18 Belsham Street, London, E96NG